This art exhibit is the artistic expression of three Canadian artists in response to the life struggles of Malala Yousufzai.  Malala is a 14 year old school girl who has changed the world with her courageous efforts in encouraging education for girls in Pakistan.  Her voice has represented many girls who cannot speak for themselves as they faced the rules and edicts of the Taliban in Northern Pakistan.

Her efforts have afforded her positive international attention, and have also elicited negative responses from those who oppose her message of equal opportunities for education for girls.  On October 9th, Malala Yousufzai was shot in the head in a targeted attack by the Taliban on her school bus.  Since this date, Malala’s message has reached a worldwide audience.  The shooting and her message has inspired the world to act, and spread the message of Malala – to make education accessible to all children, regardless of gender.

This collaborative exhibition and interactive art installation brings together the work of Unaiza Karim and Saba Syed, and Huma Durrani. Join the artists at the Gardiner Museum and hear more about how Malala’s story, and her survival, inspired this project.

“We thought the best way to convey our horror and hope for change in this circumstance would be through visual expression.  Combining traditional and modern art forms our work explores darker themes surrounding the war waged against the innocent. Through visual and written expression we hope to create a pathway to metamorphosis from bullets to butterflies.”


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