Virtual Wall

Free Tarek and John Bullet Wall

wall 1

The Free Tarek and John campaign is personal for the artists of Bullets to Butterflies. Fahim Ali, husband of Saba Syed, went with Tarek to Gaza last year to work on his project to train doctors. It is of vital importance to all of us that Tarek and John are freed, and able to continue with their amazing work.  In an effort to raise awareness about the campaign Bullets to Butterflies is putting the wall to use in collecting messages of hope for Tarek and John and will be sharing them with their families.

The bullet wall is part of the Bullets to Butterflies exhibit.  It is a 6ft x 12ft wall with bullet holes.  Visitors to the exhibit are asked a question and fill out their answers on a paper, roll it up and insert it into the empty bullet hole.  Participants are also welcome to read others responses and reflect on the diversity of answers.

Before adding your message of hope to the virtual wall, please sign the petition and Like the Free Tarek and John Facebook page, then feel free to reply to this post with a Message of Hope for Tarek and John, or reflect about how they have inspired you.


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